Vacations are not special events that occlude workouts. Healthy-minded individuals embody healthy living, so they do not view vacations as a reprieve from fitness training. On the contrary, these individuals tend to seek unique ways to incorporate strength training and cardio training in their vacation plans. Some would start their early mornings with long walks or runs up and down the shoreline of popular beaches. Many rely on hotel or resort-style training equipment to maintain their fitness during extended vacations, utilizing stationary bikes, stationary strength training machines, and dumbbells to burn sabbatical calories consumed during last night’s dinner. The conundrum occurs when we stay in lodging facilities that do not carry workout equipment for guest usage. Where does one find solace in their physical fitness?

The question lies deep within us; it is our internal motivation that will catapult us to a desire for healthy living. Healthy living provides us with the fortitude required to commit ourselves to fitness exercises. This commitment extended beyond typical gym training and routine days of training before or after our work day; this commitment produces an insatiable need to workout on a daily basis, regardless of the location or situation. We must dedicate our minds and bodies to training, by telling ourselves that exercising is a must and there are no other options besides working out. This mentality made me feel guilty when I missed a workout, and the guilt would not subside until I became innovative with my home training techniques.
Home trainings or exercises is my way of letting you all know that there are no excuses for us to avoid conditioning our bodies and improving our physiques. For example, you can include my 10 to 100-workout regiment for home training or gym purposes. This simplistic regiment orders us to execute this workout with no pause breaks. The workout consists of the following:

10 diamond shape pushups
10 situps
10 wide pushups
10 body weight squats
10 standard pushups
10 v-ups
10 arms high partial setups
10 burpees
10 calf raises
10 slow…1,2,3,4,5 second count pushups
100 second count planks

I challenge you all to employ this workout on your next vacation if you want to burn a lot of calories in a short span of time, enabling you all to remove any of your fitness guilt while embracing healthy living.

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