The thought of death is scary for most people, even to those who conceptualize the fact that they will die some day. Death is a powerful force or spirit that waits for us in the future; it is inescapable, and it is unforgiven…it is the conclusion or final chapter to the physical life for us. Death accomplishes its job through many mediums, such as diseases, drugs, murders, natural causes, and even accidents. The last medium, accidents, incites me to ask this question: Do accidental deaths exist or is it just the way we are claimed on our given expiration date?

Some will purport that when our time comes, this outside force, known as death will claim us in a manner it deems fit for our final stand or exodus. This suggests that the physical realm is powerless to the forces of death that originates from the spiritual realm. If death is absolute and life is finite, why do we become paralyzed to the corollary actions of death? Maybe, it is the fear of the unknown because we (the living) have never experienced death; so it is something foreign to all of us of still occupy space in our physical worlds. Remember, most people are afraid to take risks because they are afraid of those unknowns, even though death is rarely imminent from those risk-taking feats.

Life should not be lived in fear, and the notion of our inevitable demise should quell any fear we might have of death. It should spark us to live unapologetically free; free from future worries and free from the control of the physical powers and intimidating elements within our physical realms. The fear of death functions as an invisible barrier; a barrier that impedes our progression to limitless power and untapped opportunities. So, I urge you all to embrace death and expect it somewhere in our futures, utilizing this thought to elevate us to liberated greatness and to our true potentials that extend beyond the thoughts of our finite minds and the finite minds of others.

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