Domestication is a phenomenon of our lived experience. From birth, society indoctrinates us to dogma, stemming from education, religion, politics, lifestyle, and many other stereotypical and prejudicial principles from one’s unique culture. We all derive from collective cultures and individual cultures that plague our collective egos and individual egos. For example, individuals born in the U.S. tend to embrace their collective culture and to buy into its collective ego of societal greatness when compared to other nations; this mindset might inspire us to develop a collective ego of fascism in regard to international affairs and an individual ego of being right on morality and ethics. Not realizing, our truth comes from our virtual reality. However, this thought process produces conflict and stymies collective success, as well as universal love and joy.

This stance leads to segregation or isolation from diverse populous because it constructs an unrealistic and false concept of self. My next statement will probably make some of you feel uncomfortable, but it is probably the most profound and factual statement of this text. We do not exist, not in a so-called black, white, African American, Caucasian, or worldly title fashion. These are manmade concepts that are implemented and adopted to create levels of hierarchy, mainly, superiority and inferiority distances among people within our respectable nation. We are taught these disparaging ideas at very young ages, to create separation among the majority (95% poor and middleclass citizens) of the people, transitioning people to live in unproductive silos. We unconsciously tout about a God who loves all, but we (Christian-nation) overtly discriminate against other religions, religious sects, atheists, and/or any heresy that attacks one’s domesticated beliefs.

However, we learned that the “truth shall set us free” from seers, sages, and the 1999 blockbuster movie, The Matrix. We must be like Neo because we must choose the red pill, the truth, a truth the leads us to righteous walks throughout our remaining days. A walk that led Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Gandhi, Dr. King, and many other seers to unmask their true potentials and to become the ONE. All of these individuals understood and responded to the light within them rather than the elements seen in their physical form. The light is boundless and limitless while our eyes and flesh is finite and limited to our span of existence. We ALL have this light dwelling in us, encapsulated by our soul. We refer to this light as Christ, God, energy, and intuition. I chose the term “light” for this blog, to be inclusive to all readers and to break away from our domesticated foundation of beliefs. Our lights are constantly corresponding with us, in myriad of subtle ways, such as omens (i.e., coincidences), visceral instincts, probing thoughts, and positive or negative encounters.

Our light is our compass to our personal legend, and the more we follow this light, the more the universe conspires with us to lead us to our individual purposes. These individual purposes propel us to die to our constructed versions of self, a self that was built on domesticated beliefs, and held up by our cultures, religions, and ultimately our false egos. Our light shines through all of those fallacies and unmask us to our hidden selves or versions of us that are more robust than our former models anchored in labels. The world can never give us our light because it existed prior to any introduction to manmade concepts, families, or individual ideas that was bestowed upon us. I implore you all to sit still, remove any distractions (e.g., phones, entertainment, people, and etc.), and be in joy, love, and peace and activate your light and authentic calling.

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