This reality is shocking and frightening to many, even though we, rational-minded individuals conceptualize our demise is coming in the future. In actuality, we will all walk knowingly or unknowingly to our future deaths. The question is not how we will die, not even how we will be remembered, but instead, how will we confront our deaths? Will we be embolden with manmade fear (fake evidence appearing real) or be bold in the face of death? Will we die with passion and fulfilled or will we die passionless and unfilled? The choice is solely up to us, and we have the volition to make everyday our very best day and be better than our best.

Acknowledging the fact that today might be our last moment of existence provide us with the power to live each second, minute, and hour with optimal effort and focus. Those two elements serve as a conduit to unleash our untapped potential; a potential that leads to unimaginable excellence. An excellence that supersedes the comprehension and limited imagination of this physical world or our confined human knowledge. We can only access this spiritual domain when we move beyond our pleasure seeking endeavors and transition to God-seeking tasks. Yes, I mentioned God. This almighty deity that most people seek through religion, science, self, or materialistic things. However, this text of aphorisms is not designed to coax you all to believe in God; this section should challenge you all to think that something greater than self created us.

I concede that this substantial force is God or an infinite source of righteousness that functions as an impetus for all beliefs, religions, and ideologies because I personally surmise that enlightened individuals are driven by an energy to that leads to peace, love, and joy. We must wake up if we choose to be enlightened. This understanding leads me to the notion that I know nothing, and it is this outlook of knowing nothing that leads me to agape love and implicit truth. A truth that enables me to embrace the fact that today could be my last time to occupy any particular space on this earth, so I never try to cheat anybody or any condition of receiving my absolute best. I challenge you all to seize the moment and to believe that it could be your last chance to live in spiritual freedom. Yet, freedom or liberation comes only when we conquer the fear of death, enabling us to truly live a life of abundance and pure joy.

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