Our minds set the bar or standard for how we live our lives. The principle of mentalism suggests that everything is mental, contrived in our minds and manifested in our physical worlds. This indicates that poor food options, and our decisions to eat those high caloric and sugary foods began in our minds and spill over into our hearts. Some of us drive minutes and hours for the irresistible taste of particular foods, walking in a dream state to our tasty destinations and giving into our unremitting desires to the mass consumption of bad food options. Food has addictive elements, and those addictive components have a way of influencing sane individuals to embrace insanity when eying and seeking our next meals.

My food urges had a way of waking me up from deep sleeps and inciting me to pursue mass bowls of cereal. It was nothing for me to press my feet against my cold kitchen floor in quest for five bowls of Captain Crunch at 1am in the morning. Then, I would return back to the safety of my warm covers and bed with a stuffed belly and a sense of defeat in my spirit. Unhealthy eating has a way of fabricating highs and lows in our mentality, where as, mindful and healthy eating have a way of producing continuous joy. How does one develop mindfulness to reroute their thinking to healthy food options? Personally, I engage in mediation that evokes a desire for moderation.
We should start our day with an intimate one-on-one to date self. When we date ourselves, we can redirect positive energy towards productive decisions for our individual lives. For example, I wake up and give thanks to the infinite source of goodness for all of my blessings and future blessings. Then, I challenge myself to embrace constructive thoughts prior to meditating for five minutes. When my meditation concludes, I gather myself with a smile and a direction towards well-being. I use this energy to propel me to an optimal effort in every moment rather than thinking about what I can and cannot have to eat. This mentality stimulates me to focus on making the right decisions prior to eating, causing me to meal prep and to consider the calories, fats, and sugars in every meal before opening and closing my mouth. We cannot have goals if we never envision something we want in this life, so we must develop a strong mentality before something becomes tangible in this world. We are what we believe, so we must conceptualize greatness and be great with a dose of mindfulness.

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