Find Joy in every moment…

Joy is a continuous feeling that spreads through the law of rhythm, and its energy is emanated within the physical realm. It is dormant energy that waits to be activated by our vibration and/or kinetic spirit. Our human…being consists of highs and lows, and we unconsciously comport or tailor our avatar’s (body) attitudes and behavior patterns to the appropriate frequency within our sphere. When situations are going well, we experience highs and tend to smile and to accept all the energy in our space. However, when circumstances are poor, we display negative emotions and actions to mirror the lows in that realm. Joy is a permanent state of being that is anchored in peace and harmony with mother nature, humanity, and any opposing encounters.

Joy charges us to be in the moment and to embrace everything from a “glass half full perspective.” This means that we focus merely on the positive, by seeking and witnessing the constructive opportunities in every moment. Yet, this task is a daunting one, but at the same time, it is a very rewarding feat. Society trains and domesticates us to be visual and to accept the negative throes of life, which is completely void of joy. Joy ONLY employs intent for positive opportunities, by abandoning prior belief systems that were constructed by one’s culture, parents, religion, friends, family, television, and etc. Joy refrains from embracing titles, status, and other acquisition-power positions.

Joy is found in small and large measures of happiness. For example, when we wave or smile at someone with our entire being: mind, body, and spirit. Some people might deem this as small, but it has the power to stop people from committing suicide or from attempting to injure innocent individuals. See joy is employed to alter and to transform lives from good-to-great and from best-to-better, so I implore us to seek joy in every second (86,400 second rule). In the grand scheme of things, we live life one second at a time, inspiring us to capture every second with a hope of happiness, to make us joyful and to ensure every moment is joyous. This includes attempting to find joy in death, disrespectful kids, bad relationships, weight struggles, and career issues.

Look forward family and only look back to welcome someone to your level of success or perpetual joy.

Keep unmasking,