Glory comes from within and exudes to our external being. However, we tend to focus on the external with hopes of improving our internal confidence and mental wellbeing.  Our being in this universe produces a negative or a positive resolute; we decide the outcome. Most of us consider ourselves as “human beings.” The conundrum is that most of us accept the label of being a human being, without knowing what the word truly entails. We must probe the word “being” before we can understand the relativity of being a “human being.” To be, means to be here or to participate in the present moment, so “being” merely means to be here and to associate with the attachment of the Presence or moment.

For example, a human being is an individual who participates in life as a tangible or real person from the limited knowledge of man, so we label them a human being because we can touch, communicate, interact, and generate thoughts and emotions with another individual. We have bought into the notion that we are human beings because we have trained our minds to believe what our eyes see and our ears hear. The problem is our eyes and our ears process information in a manner that we were programmed to believe things are. This fashion of living life will never enable us to embrace our internal and to recognize the glory that lies within all of us. However, there is another way to approach life, and it is to see ourselves as spiritual beings; a being that only associates with life from a supernatural perspective, prompting us to experience and to feel life rather than trying to understand, judge, and predict our lives.
Authentic and life-sustaining glory dwells in the internal and at a higher consciousness-level. Most people will die and never experience this glory because they are attached to worldly labels that are produced by man, such as their age, religion, income-level, ethnicity, race, gender, and so on. As a spiritual being, none of those labels matter and none of those labels will give you glory and connect you subconsciously to other spiritual beings. Label-minded beings will never lead their lives; they will only follow external objects of this world, so they will follow work demands, follow other people idea’s, follow financial demands, follow religious demands, and follow family and friends’ demands. This will lead to exhaustion and cause people to keep chasing in the hopes of finding a hidden glory that lies wait in their internal. We all have access to this glory, and it requires very simple steps to awaken this glory.
The first step is to acknowledge the fact that you view yourself as a human being rather than a spiritual being. This acceptance enables you to view life with a different lens. It is pertinent to understand that we are not here to own our existence in this life; we are here to experience life and to experience life from a spiritual vantage point rather than a limited physical one. The second step is to release us from obligations and attachments, and this is not to encourage laziness but to conceptually release ourselves from this world of labels and controls. For example, if someone calls us “stupid” or some other obscene term, we should embrace what the person stated to us with no attached emotions (suspend our ego).

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