What is a gift? What is your gift? What is the purpose of your gift? A gift is something given to us without merit or substantial work. Many view a gift as a donation that is unearned. For the purposes of this post, your gifts are your inherent talents and skills given to you at birth. Some of us are born with the ability to memorize large portions of texts, supreme athletic skills, superb computation expertise, exceptional communication skills, or the artistry of music. These talents are endowed to us by our creator, and our creator does not expect us to hoard these gifts for ourselves or our individual gains.

“To whom much is given, much is expected” (Luke 12:48), so we are supposed to give and to share our gifts with others and with the world at large. It is our way to spread love and to permeate that love throughout every environment we encounter. When we decide to become stingy with our gifts, our gifts lose its power and its impact on a society craving for cooperation and connection as a united human species. The purpose of our unique gifts are to incite and to infuse others to their individual greatness. Our gifts should be employed to innovate, provide, educate, love, and offer peace to others.

We are charged with exhibiting altruism in this world, not with an individualistic and selfish perspective during our short-time of existence. Selfishness keeps us detached from others and other positive forces, and that separation stymies our gifts from maturation; so it is imperative to entrust our gifts to fertile soil (e.g., positive relationships imbued with love and happiness) to make our gifts shareable and enjoyable to every soul encountered in our individual worlds.

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