Passion is committed energy focused on an aimed goal or objective. Passion supersedes negative forces, propelling us pass hidden obstacles or conspicuous barriers. Those hurdles become items to jump over as we sprint to the finish line. See the goal is to face a challenge head on because once we overcome any particular challenge; the challenge becomes a former and inferior foe. However, passion is quelled when we allow our minds to be pollute with negative thoughts or situations being permeated in our environments.

Passion derives from the acceptance of good and bad and from an auspicious outlook when confronted with all elements of life. This provides us with tenable fighting mechanisms that remain indomitable tactics when surprised with evil. Nothing truly surprises an open-minded and receptive individual, even the conspicuously absurd and grossly egregious acts in life. Life is a principle of rhythm, flowing in and out with positive and negative occurrences. Forcing us to accept and to embrace the good with the bad because according to the principle of polarity, both are married and cannot exist independently of each other. Occupying space and time as a concomitant of each other. Why is this germane?

It is significant because it is the abhorrent that permits us to acknowledge something as amazing. In essence, we subconsciously compare things without seeing anything. Is this mentality normal or abnormal? How would we be able to answer that without a modicum of normative judgment which derives from morals that are invariably indicative of one’s culture and personal upbringing. This is the nascent of of any particular paradox…the attempt to know what we do not know, so the goal is to correspond with the flow and to admit to not knowing by transmuting future efforts and energies to seeking and being in the moment with God. The source of all energy, knowledge, and all things.

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