We live in a world where we are forced to interact with one another; a world where we love on one another. There is no existence without other people be able to recognize our presence or our world absorbing your energy. We cannot live invisible lives, even when we receive pejorative stares. Life is energy, and energy is a continuous flow with all life forms, from the trees, the ocean, the insects, and all the other energy free flowing forms of existence. At the core of all forms, is our energy or our light; it is a presence so powerful that it illuminates life forms and a multitude of spaces. Our life force or energy is our God-consciousness, not our finite flesh; but most people pay homage to their dying flesh and adopted finite labels (e.g., race, gender, color, religion, and sexual orientation) and enter into a world of bondage or our eternal hells on earth. As infants and toddlers, we are free of bondage and untethered to finite labels until the great conditioning begin from our worldly serpents.

These serpents inject us with their inflammatory and necrotic poison, burning our spirits and destroying our physical beings, from the inside-out until many of us are consumed with their shared hate-filled philosophies. Infants and toddlers are void of racist history and segregationist ideologies before the great conditioning and an assimilation of subtle and overt superior and inferior rhetoric is permeated in our environments. This is the moment we shift from a state of being and to a state of needing to know everything; a time when we replace faith with psychological fear. A fear that sets our worlds on fire, with a needing to view other people or situational differences as abnormal from our realm of normalcy; and it becomes a time of subjugation, oppression, and elimination of those other differences. Yet, all differences are assigned some label in this finite world. For example, someone in need of financial assistance might receive welfare or some government benefits, so someone who oppose that assistance might call them poor, lazy, or a waste. Their judgements start in their opposing minds and become a derogatory and hateful close-minded statement.

This hate is produced through a cancerous formula, I like to refer to as the Four D’s: dislike, discriminate, divide, and death. When we are domesticated to dislike an individual for the color of their skin, our dislike can easily transform into hate. The sad part is that any two human beings are 99.9% alike, genetically or biologically; and ALL human species DNA originated from Africa, the same region. This coexistence was a time when the United States did not exist on a global or economic scale and was not occupied by descents of Europe. However, when Europeans sieged control of the new world, known now as the United States; they rewrote history and masterfully created categories that presented the Caucasian or white race as the normal species. Even though Caucasians first ancestors can be traced back to Africa, long before they categorized themselves as White. White turned into the superior species and Black and other marginalized groups became the inferior species. Dislike can transmute our energies into an action to discriminate against other beings.

When I was about 9 years old, my twin brother’s best friend’s mom stopped allowing her son to be Mack’s friend. My brother was discriminated against, and this women’s action became a great divide in Mack and his friend’s relationship. The final step to hate is death, death occurs figuratively and literally when people arrive to this step in the process. Death stops a person from viewing disparate individuals as real or sentient beings; they become lifeless objects to people who entered into their death phase perspective. Everything starts in our minds and leads to an actionable response, but our power to rise above subjective thoughts comes from the God deep on the inside of all of us. The God that dwells prior to our conditioning of learned labels. The only way to find ourselves back to this heavenly home is by asking profound questions. David, a former student and an exceptional scholar who graduated with honors from UT and transitioned into the workforce as a manager at Target. He is a Black man who served honorably in the U.S. Marine Corps, carrying out multiple tours in Afghanistan. He wanted to know, why do some Black people judge other black people as acting “white” when they are to climb the corporate ladder?

My simple and most transparent response to his question was that the individual do not know the truth. Remember, only the truth shall set us free, and a lie shall tether us down to a world of bondage. In David’s situation, the offensive individual has been conditioned to eat fruit from the Tree of Knowledge or finite labels. First and foremost, Black and White is a social construct that only exist because we agree with race and give one race power and another race inferior status. Yet, I would tell David that he has the power deep down on the inside of him to never be bothered again by the thoughts of a finite individual. When I refer to being bothered, I mean that he can develop the power to recognize the emotion of anger and to proactively allow it to dissipate without ever reacting to the emotion. The power to quell this emotion can also proffer us with the power to eliminate hate.

1. Awareness – see the situation or feel the emotion with no judgment.
2. No judgment – do not interpret a situation or emotion, instead accept what happen as is.
3. Do your best – do your best to stay in joy, to be happy, and to exude unconditional love in every situation.

Today’s challenge is to make one random person smile or to feel a measure of happiness. For example, you can buy a random meal for someone, give a compliment, give up your position in line, or give a way some stuff. Whatever you do, you need to make a difference by making someone smile. Let me know what you decide to do, I would love to hear from you as you engage in antihate.

Check Your Life: Be Limitless
“Be better than your best and never rest on your previous success”
Dr. James Arthur Williams

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