What does it mean to love the real you?

People love our thoughts and actions when those ideas and actions align with their thoughts and actions. An optimal life is produced when everything aligns. Yet, as soon as we think or act outside of their personal outlook; it becomes an assault on their E.G.O. (edge God out), and our thoughts and actions are then taking personally. When situations are taking personally, we inject our overactive mind and react, normally reacting in an unproductive fashion. This dangerous concoction causes us to emote and to engage in inappropriate, and sometimes egregious behavior. Inappropriate behaviors lead us to interact in situations with conditional love, which can lead us to act as a soulless being. Soulless beings are void of unconditional love, and many believe that they are not loved. Many of us are taught that love comes from obedience and from exhibiting deference to other people opinions.

The issue is that when we operate outside of their requisite desires, and those chosen actions violate their coupled desires; we might receive the wrath of their judgments. Those judgments can cause internal anxiety if we are willing to mask our true selves and to capitulate to their demands. When we make their judgments an authentic indictment against us, we suppress and hide our authentic spirit…being hijacked by their finite ideas and opinions. Even though their ideas and opinions will be buried with their limited and masked flesh. The greatest conundrum of masking ourselves to their desires is that it incites a destructive process of potentially shelving our authentic selves. When we shelve our authentic self, we remove self-love and inject trouble. This trouble creeps in as subtle anxiety, and this anxiety attacks our three pillars that enables us to access our limitless spirits.

I lived for the approval of our individuals, panting for their applause and cheers of acceptance. If people told me I was great at something or cheered me for some performance, I beamed on the exterior and used their opinions to lift my drooping internal spirit. This happy feeling is temporal and fades instantly, if someone rejects my masked behavior. When this occurs, my body feels achy and my stomach turns with moments of dull constipation. Sometimes, I tend to lose the desire to eat, and my spirit tend to expel out a feeling of lightness. As my body and my spirit reject the flow of life, my mind becomes stuck on needing their attention and on asking repetitive questions about how can I receive more positive comments, to receive their approval. Repetitive thought occurs in our anterior cingulate gyrus (ACG), and we become reactive and unconscious beings, detaching from bliss or flow. However, we will need to unmask and be conscious if we desire to disengage and to engage our prefrontal cortex and to control our decision-making process.

We all have the ability to become limitless and to transform into sentient beings who love themselves, owning a mentality of “love me or love me not, I am going to be me.” This mantra was sparked by the late rapper, Soulja Slim.

I utilized my 3 E’s to break the cycle of anxiety and to “be limitless.”
• Embrace the situation
• Engage with the situation
• Establish power with positive talk

Now when people give me compliments or attention, I embrace the compliments or attention. I do not assign a label (i.e., positive or negative) to it. I engage in their compliments by being in the moment and by being mindful when I communicate with them, suspending judgment in the process. The third step is to establish power by telling myself that I am not good or bad, instead I say, “be limitless.” Limitless beings do not entertain the opinions of others because limitless beings do not believe in labels; they believe in experiencing life rather than judging life. Remember, live a limitless life and never be masked to a limited life.

Today’s challenge is to call one random person and to say, “I love you” and hang up the phone. Do not entertain a conversation, your job is to love them unconditionally and move on. The purpose is to inject love, without needing to feel love back.

Check Your Life: Be Limitless
“Be better than your best and never rest on your previous success”
Dr. James Arthur Williams

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