Have you ever woken up after a deep sleep to feel liberated from the tyranny and ills of your physical world? If so, you definitely understand the intoxicating joy of waking up with a smile on your face, even though you might not remember the pleasantry of your dreams or some pleasant encounter you might had the night before. If you felt this feeling, you understand that there are no words to recapture the joy; this joy starts to become a pleasant welcome to every morning routine in our lives. However, if you never felt this feeling before, I believe you might have a strong desire to experience this joy. This unexplainable joy can instantly become a part of your every day routine.

Please do not scoff at the notion of routines because we all have routines, even if we are not conscious of them. For example, many people wake up and drink a glass a water or release stored up waste in their immediate laboratory. Please disregard my use or fastidious selection of the word “laboratory,” I have been drawn to the word “laboratory” ever since one of my elementary classmates asked our teacher to use the “laboratory” to relieve himself; I thought it was a funny words, so I shared it here to prompt a little chuckle or smile on your face. This blog is about liberated joy. The point I am attempting to make is that routines are normal whether we acknowledge them or not with our conscious awareness.

As you evaluate the previous sentence, I hope you are drawn to the two words: “conscious awareness”. Conscious awareness is the key to unlock our door to internalized joy, and for practical terms, peace as we decide to take on our individual days in the morning. This is significant because our routines dictate our daily success and dictate our liberation from our mental and personal hells. Hell is produced when we enable external factors to impact our internal and infinite being. I stated “internal” and “infinite being” on purpose. Internal denotes something on the inside that is infinite or limitless, and the word “be-ing” when broken down to its origin produces an enormous power. “Be” origin means to dwell in the present and “ing” means complete, to indicate our being creates a complete presence in the NOW. I refer to being as sitting with God while we dwell in our personal state of godliness; this leads to our individual heavens and provides us a get out of hell free card.

Conscious awareness is pivotal to raising us to a limitless presence and to a liberating joy, by enabling us to tap into our prefrontal cortex and to alter the wires of our primed subconscious programming. All of our routines are connected to our subconscious conditioning to a pre-programming that dictates our morning rituals or practices, such as drinking a glass of water, using the bathroom, or brushing our teeth. These are all great routines I might add, but I believe there should be positive and deliberate routines created prior to engaging in our rote behaviors. This brings me to my intentional power mantra and conscious awareness routine to generate limitless joy.

Intentional and Conscious Awareness Routines
1. Smile and keep smiling until my “being” feels happy.
2. Take three deep breathes.
3. Name three things you are grateful for, for example: vision, taste, and touch.
4. Say this positive affirmation to inspire you to attack with unconditional love: Today is a glorious day and for 86,400 seconds, I will give my excellence and my best until I am laid to rest. I am always blessed and never stressed. Check Your Life: I am limitless.

Please implement these tips and share your thoughts and day with me…did you wake up with joy and did you use this day to make it the best day of your life? I would love to hear from you all.

Check Your Life: Be Limitless
“Be better than your best and never rest on your previous success”
Dr. James Arthur Williams

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