Life begins and all of a sudden, bang, we mere mortals exist. This is my “Big Bang Theory” of how we are myriad of atoms conjoined together, to produce matter of flesh and of our inherent spirits. None of us can truly grasp our conception process, but we (finite beings) aim to understand conception and to assimilate to the world’s inception process of labels. Labels were my introduction to the “Big Bang” of lies; lies that tethered me down to a multitude of false beliefs. The gist of the “Big Bang Theory” was a rapid expansion of matter from a state of extremely high density and temperature to fabricate the origin of the universe. The more I believed in these collections of false beliefs, the more I expand into someone foreign to my inherent truth. This is how and why we adopt intentional masks that limits us to this meaningless world. When I state meaningless, I am referring to the notion that nothing accomplished or acquired in our individual worlds hold lasting value to our limitless spirits.

Remember, it is our spirits that hold our value, not our finite vessels. Many traverse this earth with an imperious attitude that we are infallible in our mortal bodies and limitless due to our limited actions. We must realize that none of our expansive lies make us limitless; it is our limitless spirits that ascend us higher than our limited labels. As I write, I envision our spirits in a holding cue, waiting for infinite intelligence to align us up with the actions and thoughts of our mortal parents. When they entangle or fornicate, they initiate our “Big Bang” and gestation commences for the next nine months. We expand inside the wombs of our mothers during the duration of her pregnancy. Our “Big Bang” introduces us to process, demonstrating how something grows and ultimately improves over time. This natural process is interrupted during our existence because we are constantly introduced to false labels that operated as limits in my existence. There was never any knowledge of intelligence in my limitless world, but I was told that my intellect was inferior in elementary school. My elementary teachers recommended me for special education because they equated my boredom and disruption as a deficient aptitude.

My parents rejected this label, but subconsciously, I thought this label had some credence; and I lived up to this label for many years. I failed to study, and I failed to engage due to rejection from my teachers and my peers. The unfortunate truth is that they were all lies, and I decided to expand on these lies and to embrace them as a well-respected beliefs. I masked myself to intellectual inferiority, so I was incapable of generating high marks in our cold and stinky classroom. My “Big Bang Theories” were based on general principles agreed on by some of my teachers and classmates, but theories are disproved all the time and never represent the inherent truth. Scholars utilize a guiding question to explore or to examine a proven theory, so I used a simple question: What if I am more than my body? This question has led me to disprove theories about my mind, my body, and my spirit, and my uncovered truth has set me free to reject my “Big Bang Theory” and to unmask my true potential. This potential incited me to expand to check my life and to be limitless. I implore you all to do the same and to reject your “Big Bang Theory” by exploring and examining your expansive lies and to walk in your inherent truth.

What is one lie or label that is hard for you to shake? How has this lie or label limited you? How will you explore and examine this lie to unmask your true potential?

Today’s challenge is to hug and to kiss someone and let them know how special they are. For example, I told my wife how much I love her desire to love on other people and to help disadvantaged individuals.

Check Your Life: Be Limitless
“Be better than your best and never rest on your previous success”
Dr. James Arthur Williams

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