True power is not found in policies and procedures; it is found in the influential attitudes and actions of the people. Winning is not about checking the boxes or being perceived as a winner by manmade standards. It is all in the unseen; it is all in the mindset and in the inner drive and will to never quit, developing a spirit that challenges us to keep pushing by any means necessary. Fear can never quell our hidden spirits or a movement derived from our robust energies because fear will always succumb to our indomitable forces.

When the majority quiver in fear, your Godly being will stand firm and unfazed like a rose that emerged from concrete. Fear creates a self-destructive society, but our inner greatness will endow us with the power to face death and to climb above any external hate. Fear is the nexus of hate and ignorance while love is accompanied by amazing belief, humility, and death, death to the buying attitude of conspicuous consumption and of governmental or societal programming. This can sometimes yield rebellions and revolutionist paradigms, which will induce us to sacrifice our lives, liberties, and pleasures for a greater cause. If and when this happen, things will never be the same and change has truly begun.

Change kills fear, and it helps us understand that fear does not exist. This awareness directs us back to self, recognizing that man destroy societies, not the devil or any other outside forces. Only the force within can mitigate evil and sin, so never self-destruct, only reconstruct to greatness and righteous thinking.

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