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HI I’m James Williams

I am a man who wore a mask for many years, by masking myself as a thug. I sold drugs, produced two kids by 17, lived on the streets, dropped out of high school and college, and created my personal hell. However, I shifted my thinking and changed my life, earned six degrees (two doctorates), won Airman of the Year, played professional arena football, led manufacturing, banking, and other various industries, and traveled the world as an international speaker and educator. I live in a state of joy every moment by experiencing heaven every day of my life.

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Our Clients Say

Dr. Williams offers a unique perspective for those seeking to shatter the invisible (but powerful) effects of stereotype threat and personal biases. His messages are grounded in contemporary research and personal experiences, which is both engaging and informative for the reader. I will be sharing this book with others!

Audrey Stevenson

Dr. Williams illustrates how individual life circumstance and behavior may changed if you make the decision to "Check Your Life" and dispel all the environmental biases society promotes. He takes you a life journey based in his understand of life experience complied with relationship and religion intersect creating a crossroads of decisions that shape one existence.

Fred Rodriquez

All I can say, is amazing!! I have been struggling (mainly due to fear and insecurities) for year's of getting my teacher's certification, but no more. I'm striving to unmask my true potential! Dr. James Williams is a God sent man, messenger and true motivator. I'm constantly telling my student's and co-workers about this book. God touched him, guided his steps throughout his life. Highly recommended!!

Laura Ferguson

After seeing James Williams in crimes shows like Snapped, Fatal Attraction, Murder Calls and others. I saw him narrating an episode of Snapped. I was intrigued to see the prefix Dr in front of his name, It piqued my interest because he is one of my favorite actors on crime docudramas . So I had to read his book "From Thug to Scholar" I have not read a book in many years however this book is so inspiring and I am so proud that he became unmasked and share his inspiring and motivating story

Bennett Miller